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Central Jamia Mosque






There were possibly little over few dozen Muslims living in Leeds in 1953.


The First Mosque (Jinnah Mosque):

The Muslims in Leeds realised that they had to get together; especially on Friday Prayer; Eid and other religious functions. In order to meet this requirement the building at 21 Leopold Street was bought on 26 June 1958 to convert it into Mosque. This remained a focal point for the Muslims in Leeds for many years.


In the sixties and early seventies the pace of migration became rapid from the Commonwealth countries such as India, Pakistan, etc. The Jinnah Mosque became too small to cater for the needs of the growing Muslim community so in 1974 a new and large building was bought at 48 Spencer Place Leeds 7.


It was about the same time that the Leeds Islamic Centre was formed to cater the needs of all Muslims in Leeds.


Under the management of Leeds Islamic Centre; the social, educational, and religious needs were catered for many years. But as the families were arriving and Muslim population was well on increase, there was a need for bigger premises for the Mosque. In March 1982 the building next door was bought which became the main Mosque in Leeds. The demand for more space was felt for children's education and in view of the needs, 44 Spencer Place another large building was added to the Leeds Islamic Centre Complex.


In early 1980’s the Government and Leeds City Council gave us grant to build a sports hall at 48 Spencer Place which has been well used for youth activities, weddings, meetings and conferences.


The New Mosque Project:

Leeds is growing city with a population of over one million. We are proud to say that Leeds is a real metropolitan city. There are over thirty thousand Muslims living in Leeds. They have come from all continents, majority of them from subcontinent and middle-east.


Many Muslims who are trading in Leeds, working in offices or studying in Leeds Universities come to Leeds Islamic Centre for Friday Prayer; the number of Prayers coming to our Central Jamia Mosque had increased despite large buildings belonging to Leeds Islamic Centre Complex. We decided to build a new Mosque for larger capacity. With grace of Allah swt this project was completed in 2001.


Leeds Islamic Centre is looking forward to serve the needs of Muslim community in Leeds. The suggestions to improve our services are invited. Please Email your suggestions. Thank you for your co-operation.



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